Awards Day

  • March 14th will be your awards day

  • All BUMPER BUDDIES will receive awards


Fun Day(s)

  • Our Fun Day is scheduled for March 21, 2020

  • The winning theme is STAR WARS



  • Banquet Day is March 28, 2020

  • Seniors – 11, Lucky Strikers – 12:30, Sunshine – 2:00, Bantam – 3:30, Bumper Buddies – 4:30

  • All banquets will be at the Kosciuszko Club on Nevins St. in Dunkirk

  • All bowlers are expected to attend and eat for free

  • Any guests planning to eat must make a reservation and pay $10 by March 21, 2020


Make Up Shifts

  • If your child is not able to bowl at 1:15, you may bring her/him in at 10:00 or 3:00 that same Saturday

  • You are only allowed to make up at 5 during the season

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