In The Pocket

NYS Scholarship League Qualifier

  1. This is RE-ENTRY week

  2. No new entries

  3. Last week’s results are posted on the bulletin board and our website

  4. Results will be final after this week

  5. If you are currently a qualifier, that could change by those that re-enter this week

  6. There is a $3 re-entry fee

  7. You must re-enter prior to the start of your shift

  8. Final results will be posted later in the week


Pepsi Qualifier

  1. We have completed the league qualifiers

  2. A complete list of all qualifiers is posted on the bulletin board and our website

  3. Qualifiers will be given a form for completion to schedule for the regional

  4. This form must be completed and returned, with the fee, by Jan. 15, 2022

  5. The regional event will be Feb. 12 & 13, 2022 at AMF Lancaster Lanes


NYS Team Tournament

  1. The regionals for this tournament will take place on Jan. 22 and Jan. 23, 2022 at Tonawanda Bowling Company


Priscilla Seybold Memorial Scholarship Tournament

  1. The second round of league qualifiers will take place on Jan. 29, 2022

  2. Finals are Feb. 20, 2022


Make ups

  1. You may make-up at 10:00, 1:00, or 3:00

  2. You are only allowed to make up a total of 5 times during the season

  3. Make-ups are ONLY on the same Sat. that you have to miss your regular shift!

  4. You must make up ALL 3 games (2 if you are a Bantam or Bumper Buddy

Bumpers Challenge

  1. Last week was a huge success ~ many of you are well on your way to being able to bowl without the bumpers

  2. This week, try to improve from last week

  3. Let’s make your goal for each week to improve by at least one



  1. This half of the season we want you to work on not hitting the bumpers

  2. This is especially important for our 5-year-old bowlers since you’ll be heading to the Bantam league next year

  3. Each bowler will have a “scoresheet” to keep track of when you don’t hit a bumper

  4. Keep track of every time you roll a ball down the lane without hitting a bumper by marking it down on your scoresheet

  5. You will total all of the times you are successful in doing so

  6. Return your scoresheet and pencil to the table after each shift

  7. Your scoresheet will be ready for you each week

  8. Prizes will be given each month to bowlers that meet their goals