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Information for Lucky Lanes Junior Bowling

Priscilla Seybold Memorial League Qualifier 2

  • The second league qualifier will be January 16, 2021

  • If you did not qualify in November, you have another chance!


Coaches Tip of the Week

  • Your arm swing needs to be loose and effortless

  • You need to have good timing – you should be balanced when you release your ball

  • Roll the ball, do not throw it

  • Ball movement:  the ball should hook (curve) from right to left for right-handers and left to right for left-handers

  • The most effective strike ball is one that rolls into the pocket at a slight angle

  • Practice makes perfect


NYS Scholarship Tournament

  • Results are posted on the bulletin board and our website

  • If you are a qualifier, please pick up an entry form for the regional tournament

  • Return the completed form, with payment, by January 23, 2021


Pepsi League Qualifiers

  • Final results are posted

  • Those that qualified will be notified and given a form to complete for the region tournament

  • Forms must be completed and returned, with payment, by January 16, 2021


Secret Score Week 2

  • Your second chance to earn an “I Beat My Coach” patch

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