Lucky Lanes Junior Bowlers

Always Remember, Bowling is fun!



What's new in the 2017 - 2018 season?

Lucky Lanes Junior Bowlers Singles Scholarship Tournament

We will conduct our very own scholarship tournament.  Our bowlers will have an opportunity win scholarship money

Bumper Buddies start time

We will now start the Bumper Buddies league at 1:30 pm each week

Pepsi Tournament

Bowlers will only participate in the Pepsi tournament if they choose

You must sign up for the tournament

Scorekeeping weekends

Throughout the year, we will cover the scoring monitors and have the bowlers keep score on paper

It is our goal to teach each bowler how to keep score

Make-up sessions

Without exception, you will only be able to make up your league play a maximum of FIVE times

You MUST sign-in when you make-up in order for your scores to be counted

Slight price increase

Sunshine, Lucky Strikers, and Senior leagues will pay $10 per week