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Grape Belt USBC Youth Association

All of our bowlers are part of the Grape Belt USBC Youth Association.

The Grape Belt USBC Youth Association is comprised of bowlers from Lucky Lanes (Fredonia) and K & L Lanes (Gowanda).

Board Members:

  • President:  Gregory Haase
  • Vice President:  Connie Wojcinski 
  • Directors:  Gary Haase, Doug Heckman, Roger Pacos, Dave Morrison, Judy Langworthy, April Jagoda, Tom Battaglia, Bill Saden, Mallory Wojcinski 
  • Youth Board members:  Travis Langworthy
  • Association Manager:  Debbie Dispense


This past July, USBC voted to make all local associations merge.  In case you are not aware, when the ABC, WIBC, and YABA combined to form the USBC about 10 years ago, they recommended all local men, women, and youth associations merge to form one local bowling association.  Not long after that, the Dunkirk Bowling Association (men) and the Dunkirk Women's Bowling Association merged to form the Dunkirk Lakeshore USBC Association.  The Grape Belt Association voted against merging with the adults and became the Grape Belt USBC Youth Association.

Now, USBC is forcing all associations to merge.  This means the Grape Belt USBC Youth Association will have to become part of the Dunkirk Lakeshore Association at the beginning of the 2018-2019 season.

Stay tuned for more information on this big change.


The next association meeting will be held Jan. 31, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Lucky Lanes.  All officers should attend.  All interested bowlers and parents are invited to attend as well.

We will discuss the tournament and the Bob Frame Educational Grant.  We will also welcome Debbie Dispense as our new association manager.

NOTES from October 25, 2015

Elections of Officers and Directors 2015-2016
President- Greg Haase                                 Vice President – Connie Wojcinski
Tom Battaglia                       Gary Haase                           Doug Heckman  
April Jagoda                          Judy Langworthy                  Dave Morrison
Roger Pacos                           Bill Saden                              Mallory Wojcinski  
Youth Directors:
Maitland Langworthy ( LSUSBC Rep)                   Travis Langworthy
Committee Appointments:
Bob Frame Memorial Educational Grant
Marion Mistretta                 April Jagoda              Connie Wojcinski                 Roger Pacos
Had discussion about issue with a probable tie, Must implement a tie breaker.
Grape Belt Association Tournament @ Gowanda
Greg Haase                Doug Heckman                     Dave Morrison
Mallory Wojcinski               Connie Wojcinski
Greg will meet with Doug to discuss dates for the tournament.
Grape Belt association Awards Banquet   to be held in May 2016
Judy, Maitland & Travis Langworthy
Other info Discussed
Membership Fee Breakdown:                                Awards are puchasable
$ 3.00 Grape Belt Association                   
   3.00  Local
   4.00 USBC
Notes taken by Connie Wojcinski


The Grape Belt USBC Youth Bowling Association held its 41st annual awards banquet at the Kosciuszko Club on May 9, 2015.  The association is comprised of youth bowlers, ages 4-20, from both Lucky Lanes in Fredonia and K & L Lanes in Gowanda.  This year’s tournament was held in March at Lucky Lanes.  President of the association, Greg Haase, served as Master of Ceremonies while Lucky Lanes proprietor, Paul Nocek, presented the awards.  Trophies and plaques were provided by Smith & Smith Recreation of Fredonia.  The meal was prepared and served by Pat's Catering.

Team winners in the tournament were:  Class A scratch, Bowl-E Get Back, Adrianna Pencek, Brayden Manzella, E. J. Haase, and Brandon Haase (2095).  Class A handicap, The Rolling Stones, Gillian Reed, Ally Clement, Genna Riddle, and Nick Pagano (2396).  Class B scratch & handicap, The Exterminators, Brayden Smith, Nathan Manzella, Robert Kozlowski, and Tristian Olsen (1578-2652).  Class C scratch, Strike Attack, Mallory Wojcinski, Alex Navarro, William Rivera, and Ashley Forbes (1270).  Class C handicap, The Pin Hitters, Brooke Jesionowski, Teaghan Naus, Hailey Carlson, and Joshua Powell (2661).

Doubles handicap winners were:  Class A Scratch, Brayden Manzella & E. J. Haase (1151).  Class A handicap, Genna Riddle & Gillian Reed (1324).  Class B scratch & handicap, Brooke Jesionowski & Joshua Powell (725-1253).  Class C Scratch & Handicap Mallory Wojcinski & Alex Navarro (796-1438). 

Girls Singles event winners included: Class A scratch & handicap, Emily Narraway (531-624). Class B scratch & handicap, Gillian Reed (397-656). Class C scratch, Brooke Jesionowski (322) and handicap, Hailey Carlson (688).  Boys Singles:  Class A scratch E. J. Haase (585) and handicap, Donald DeVaul (695).  Class B scratch & handicap, Brayden Smith (397-610).  Class C scratch, Joshua Powell (386) and handicap, Keegan Tryczenski (697).

Winners of All Events for the girls:  Class A scratch, Adrianna Pencek (1613) and handicap, Riddle (1874). Class B scratch & handicap Reed (1135-1882), Class C scratch Wojcinski (1021) and handicap, Carlson (2019).  Boys All Events:  Class A scratch & handicap, E. J. Haase (1627-1870).  Class B scratch & handicap, Smith (1165-1795); Class C scratch, Kozlowski (1227) and handicap, Navarro (2000).

High scores of the tournament for girls:  game scratch, Emily Narraway (214); series scratch, Riddle (587); games & series handicap Wojcinski (279-694).  Boys tournament high scores:  game scratch & handicap, Phillip Narraway (237-654); game handicap, Kozlowski (267); series handicap, Navarro (744).

Grape Belt USBC Youth Association season high averages were also awarded.  High average for the bantam division were Meghan Cloos (86.68) and Zackary Kawski (128.66).  Prep division high averages were Andrea Olsen (140.60) and Jacob Marsh (142.46).  Junior division high averages were Adrianna Pencek (178.27) and Ricky Burgstrom (185.31).  High averages for the major division were Genna Riddle (169.44) and Eric Chimino (190.91)

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