Coaching Information

Q: What is USA Bowling Coaching?
A: The grassroots of youth sports and the USA Bowling program is volunteers! The USA Bowling Coaching program executes approximately 50 seminars each year throughout the country with a goal of teaching those in attendance the basic skills needed to teach the fundamentals of bowling to youths!

Seminars are free to attend and each attendee is provided materials to take home with them developed by USBC Coaching. These materials include:

  • Manual - Over 140 pages of curriculum which includes everything from the coaching philosophy to physical game techniques and basic skill drills
  • 8-week lesson plan – An easy to follow 14-page guide coaches may take on-lane from week-to-week and watch their bowlers progress through this readily developed lesson plan
  • Quick Reference Guide 1 and 2 - Double sided laminated sheets that feature a glossary of terms, on-lane drills and fundamentals

Q: Who should attend a USA Bowling Coaching seminar?
A: Any and everyone who wants to learn more about how to teach the fundamentals of bowling to youth is welcome to join us at one of the seminars. This includes:

  • Current youth coaches
  • Youth league volunteers
  • Parents
  • Center Employees
  • USBC Association representative
  • Pro shop staff

Q: What will I learn at a USA Bowling Coaching seminar?
A: By attending a USA Bowling Coaching seminar, you will gain the knowledge to teach the fundamentals of the game to anyone - the physical game, nutrition, physical fitness and life skills. Learn how to communicate with today's kids and parents while gaining confidence in the ability to teach bowling by joining us!

Benchmarks for the curriculum include:

  • Communication
  • The Coaching Philosophy
  • The Physical Game
  • Basic Skill Drills

Q: Where do I go if I want to attend a free USA Bowling Coaching seminar?
A: A list of seminars and how to register can be found here once our schedule is launched on March 1.

Q: I would like to apply to host a free USA Bowling Coaching seminar, where do I go?
A: Applications are closed. 

Q: Are you hosting Coaching Seminars during the pandemic?
A: We are presently hosting our USA Coaching Seminars in an online, virtual format until further notice. We are slowly getting back to having In-person seminars. 

Our Coaches
USBC Coaching supports the USA Bowling Coaching program and developed the curriculum used by the coaches in the program. The USBC coaches include:

Stephen Padilla, USBC Director of Coaching Development

To contact USBC coaching, please email

USA Bowling Coaching also has contracted some of the best coaching talent in the industry to teach these courses. USA Bowling Instructors include:

  • Al Henderson
  • Alan Cook
  • Bob Maki
  • Becky Herman
  • Ed Carter
  • Jim O'Reilly
  • Jordan Vanover
  • Katie Thornton
  • Larry Del Vecchio
  • Mike Imes
  • Mike Ransom
  • Susie Minshew

Contact USA Bowling Coaching 

Toll-free: (800) 514-2695 ext. 8426
Direct: 817-385-8426